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About Us

Meet Our Team

We see ourselves as much more than just a property management,
but as a family of like-minded,
kind and talented people who love to collaborate
and make awesome together.

Juan Rojas

Co-Founder & CEO
It will always be there when you need it, giving the best solutions to the entire operation.

Thais Pacanins

Co-Founder & CMO
She's the person who is in charge of advising you so that your property has a suitable style for the platforms on which the ad will be placed. If you require a more radical change, she will make sure that with very little money you can impact and keep your property full of reservations.

Alejandro Pino

Our master key in the operation, develops strategies so that no guest feels unattended, and evaluates the best options to execute so that the reception of the guest is better every day.

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We seriously love where we work

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

Alejandra Jimenez

City Manager
Utah - USA

Juan David Marmolejo

City Manager
Florida - USA

sharyn city manager gouppers

Sharyn Garcia

City Manager
Utah - USA

rocio city manager gouppers

Rocio Martin M.

City Manager
Quintana Roo - México

itzel city manager gouppers

Itzel Carrada

City Manager
Quintana Roo - México

Francisco city manager gouppers

Francisco Rivera

City Manager
San Juan - Puerto Rico

Property management monteviideo uruguay

Marcela Holguin

City Manager
Montevideo - Uruguay

property manager bogota

Daniel Riachi

City Manager
Chia- Colombia

juan arias city manager gouppers

Juan Arias

City Manager
Santa Marta - Colombia

City manager airbnb bogota

Martha Velasquez

City Manager
Bogotá - Colombia

Deurys Marizan

City Manager
Punta Cana - República Dominicana

property manager medellin

Daniel Marin

City Manager
Medellín - Colombia

property manager yucatan mexico

Silvia Adan

City Manager
Yucatán - México

Sabrina Suarez

City Manager
Bali - Indonesia

Property management cartagena airbnb

Juan Pablo Duque

City Manager
Cartagena - Colombia

Madelis Teran

City Manager
El Laguito - Colombia

property management ciudad de mexico

Gonzalo López

City Manager
Ciudad de México - México

Carolina Cepeda

City Manager
Valparaíso - Chile

We’re GoUppers,
We’re not just
property managers.
We’re experts in Short Stays