Legal of Use of the Web Portal of GoUppers
Saturday, October 31, 2020

 These Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute a legally binding contract ("Agreement") between you and GOUPPERS (as defined below) that governs your access to and use of the GOUPPERS website (www.GoUppers.com) as well as the access and / or use of the different services, products and online resources that we put at your disposal, including any subdomain thereof, as well as any other website through which GOUPPERS makes the GOUPPERS Services available.

When these Terms use the words "GoUppers", "GoUppers" "GoUppers," we "," us ", or" our "(and other variations included), they refer to the GoUppers company with which YOU subscribe to this Agreement.

The collection, administration and use of personal information in relation to your access to and use of the GoUppers platform, www.GoUppers.com, as well as the use, purchase or request of any product or service currently provided or in the future by GoUppers, is described in the PRIVACY POLICY section.

The payment services that GoUppers makes available to the HOSTS in (www.GoUppers.com), are operated and managed by service providers, which are independent from GoUppers and simply have the status of provider of such service. Therefore, each and every one of the GoUppers HOSTS completely exempt us from any liability, administrative, civil, criminal or similar or analogous nature, for any damage, damage or unlawful act that is caused against them and that is related to the processing of online payments, such as (but not limited to), theft, identity theft, illegal obtaining of bank accounts or credit card information or any other type of fraud, crime or illicit, related to means of Payments.

GoUppers is a company dedicated to provide complementary and related services with the integral management of short and long stay reservations. We clarify that any responsibility or commitment acquired by the HOSTS with the GUESTS of their hotel services, and / or with other companies, or any other third party, whether natural or legal person, are the exclusive fulfillment of the HOST, and this is already committed to exonerate GoUppers from any type of liability arising from the fulfillment of each and all the obligations that he has acquired.

The users of our services will be exclusively responsible for identifying, understanding and complying with all the laws, regulations and regulations that apply in the country in which they provide their hotel services. Likewise, they will be exclusively responsible for knowing the terms and conditions of the different platforms or marketplace in which they have published or authorize GoUppers to publish their property. Therefore, in any situation not defined in these terms, each and every one of the related parties will be subject to what is established in the terms of said platforms and to the pertinent laws.

GoUppers in its role as provider of complementary services and related to the management of short and long stay reservations, will do what is reasonably possible to guide you in compliance with rules, terms and conditions applicable to the management of your property, but will not assume responsibility some on the obligations that correspond to the HOST.

From the moment that the ANFITRION registers its property in GoUppers by any means (web, telephone, mail etc), or asks us to register its property, it authorizes us without restriction to comprehensively manage said property.

1. Scope of the GOUPPERS Services

1.1. GoUppers is a company dedicated to provide complementary and related services with the integral management of short and long stay reservations.

1.2 As a provider of complementary services and related to the management of short and long term reservations, GoUppers is not owner, nor administrator of the properties, our service is basically about collaborating with the ANFITRION, in tasks that this is not in conditions to perform or that you simply prefer to delegate. Therefore, the HOSTS are exclusively responsible for the accommodation services they offer. When the HOSTS and GUESTS of their services, make or accept a reservation, they sign a contract directly between them. GoUppers is NOT and will not become a party or a participant in any contractual relationship derived from said agreement, nor does it constitute a real estate or insurance agent.

1.3. In case of any inconvenience or dispute, GoUppers will answer for the part that is clearly related to the service that the HOST has hired us. If the event generating the inconvenience or dispute is NOT related to the service contracted to GoUppers, we will have the mechanisms that are reasonably within our reach to help resolve the dispute between the HOST and its GUEST.Although we can help facilitate the resolution of disputes, GoUppers has no control over, nor guarantees (i) the existence, quality, safety, suitability or legality of any Announcement or Service of the HOST, (ii) the veracity or accuracy of the descriptions of any Announcement or of the Evaluations, Comments and other Content or (iii) the performance or conduct of any HOST, HOST, or third party . GoUppers does not endorse any ANFITRION, GUEST or third party, Advertisement or Service of the HOST. Any reference to a "verified" HOST or other similar term only indicates that that HOST or USER has completed the corresponding verification or identification process. This type of description does not imply endorsement, certification or guarantee by GoUppers about an HOST or USER, including the identity or background of the HOST or USER or the fact that the HOST or USER is reliable, safe or adequate. 1.5. From the moment of your link to GoUppers The ANFITRION, authorizes us without any restriction, to manage and promote your ads on social networks, websites, applications, emails and online advertising and not online. Similarly, the ANFITRION authorizes us to translate their advertisements into other languages ​​partially or totally. GoUppers can not guarantee the accuracy or quality of such translations. In some cases GoUppers may use translation services provided on the web by third parties that do not recognize guarantees related to translations, express or implied, including any guarantee of accuracy, reliability and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. . 1.7 GoUppers will, as far as possible, keep the website www.GoUppers.com available, as well as any other technological tool that may support our operation. However, GoUppers may restrict the availability of the website and / or any other tool. technology due to limits of capacity, security or integrity of our servers, or to carry out maintenance measures. 2. Minimum conditions to access the use of GoUppers2.1 services. The HOST of our services must be of legal age. Depending on the country, region or area that criterion must be met. It is understood that when accessing or using any GoUppers service or product, the ANFITRION declares and guarantees that it is of legal age and has the legal ability and capacity to sign a contract, take a service or acquire a product.2.2 GoUppers may, without This means being obliged to carry out a process of verification of HOSTS (GUESTS and / or USERS), always respecting the laws that are in force and that are associated with such verification. 2.3 Some of the services offered by GoUppers may be subject to independent policies, standards or guidelines, or may require you to accept additional terms and conditions to those present. 3. Modification of these Terms GoUppers reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time in accordance with this provision. If we make changes to these Terms, we will post the revised Terms on the web www.GoUppers.com and update the date of "Last Update" at the top of them. If you disagree with the revised Terms, you may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. We will inform you of your right to terminate the Contract in the notification email. If you do not terminate your Agreement prior to the date on which the revised Terms come into force, your continued access or use of the GoUppers platform (www.GoUppers.com) will constitute acceptance of the revised Terms.4. Account Registration4.1 You must register an account at www.GoUppers.com to access and use GoUppers products and services. If you register an Account in GoUppers in the name of a legal entity, you must declare and guarantee that you have the power to legally bind such entity and grant us all the permissions and licenses provided in these Terms.4.2 You can register a GoUppers Account with an address of email and creating a password, or through your social media account, such as Facebook or Google. You can disable the connection between your GoUppers Account and your SNS Account at any time.4.3 You must provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and keep your account information updated at all times.4.4 You can not register more than one (1) GoUppers account unless authorized by GoUppers. You may not assign or transfer your GoUppers Account.4.5 You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your GoUppers Account. You must inform GoUppers if you have knowledge or have reason to suspect that your account has been compromised. You will be responsible for any and all activities developed through your GoUppers Account, unless such activities have not been authorized by you and you have not acted negligently (such as in the event you did not report the unauthorized use of your GoUppers account) .5. Content5.1 GoUppers may allow HOSTS to create, upload, publish, send, receive and store content, such as text, photos, audio, video and other material and information to, or through, the GoUppers platform and also to access and View the Content that GoUppers makes available on or through the web. 5.2 That all or part of the content of the GoUppers platform is protected by copyright, trademark and other laws of the countries where it is present. You acknowledge and agree that GoUppers and the Content of the GoUppers platform, including all associated intellectual property rights, are the exclusive property of GoUppers. You will not eliminate, alter or hide any brand or sign of copyright, trademark or service or other notices of property rights that are integrated or accompanying the GoUppers website. 5.3 You will not use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare derivative works, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly interpret, transmit, disseminate or otherwise exploit the GoUppers Platform, or its Content, except to the extent possible. that you are the legal owner of certain Content or as expressly allowed in these Terms. You will not be granted any license or right, implicitly or explicitly, by virtue of any intellectual property right held by or controlling GoUppers.5.4 Without prejudice to your compliance with these Terms, GoUppers grants you a limited license, not exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable and non-transferable to (i) download and use the Application on your personal device (s) and (ii) access and view any Content made available on or through the GoUppers platform and accessible For you, solely for your personal, non-commercial use.5.5 When you create, upload, publish, send, receive, store or otherwise make available any Content on or through the GoUppers platform, you grant GoUppers a non-exclusive, international, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual (or current during protection), sublicensible and transferable license on said Content to access, use r, store, copy, modify, prepare derivative works, distribute, publish, transmit, broadcast, disseminate and exploit in any other way and way such Content to provide and / or promote GoUppers in any support or platform. Unless you give specific consent, GoUppers does not claim any ownership rights in any Member Content and nothing contained in these Terms shall be deemed to restrict any right that may assist you in the use or exploitation of your Member Content. 5.6 GoUppers may offer the HOSTS the option of having professional photographers to take photographs that illustrate their ANFITRION Services. GoUppers will make the photos available to the ANFITRIONS, so they can be included in their Advertisements. You acknowledge and agree that GoUppers shall have the right to use any Images in advertising, marketing and / or any other business purpose on any type of media or platform, either in connection with your Advertisement or otherwise, without further notification or compensation with respect to you. In the event that GoUppers is not the exclusive owner of the Images, by using said Images on or through the GoUppers platform, you grant GoUppers an exclusive, international, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual (or current during the protection) ), sublicenseable and transferable for the use of said Images in advertising, marketing and / or any other purpose of the company in any type of support or platform, either in relation to your Advertisement or otherwise, without further notification or compensation with respect to to you. 5.7 You are solely responsible for all Content that you make available on or through the GoUppers platform. Accordingly, you represent and warrant that: (i) you are the sole and exclusive owner of all Content that you make available on or through the GoUppers platform or that you have all rights, licenses, consents and disclaimers necessary to grant to GoUppers the rights in and about said Content and (ii) neither the Content nor its publication, upload, dissemination, transmission or transmission of the Content, or the use by GoUppers of the Content of the ANFITRION (or any part thereof) will violate, imply misappropriation or infringe the rights of patent, copyright, trademark, commercial secret, moral rights or other private or intellectual property rights of a third party, nor the rights of privacy or protection of the personality of third parties, nor will result in the breach of any applicable law or regulation.5.8 You will not publish, upload, broadcast, send or transmit any Content in your GoUppers account that (i) is fraudulent, false, deceptive (directly or by omission or failure to update the information) or false; (ii) is defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or offensive; (iii) encourage discrimination, intolerance, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any person or group; (iv) is violent or threatening or encourages violence or actions that are threatening to any other person; (v) encourage illicit or harmful activities or substances; or (vi) breach the GoUppers Content Policy or any other GoUppers policy. GoUppers may, without prior notice, remove or deactivate access to any Content of your GoUppers account that GoUppers considers to be in breach of these Terms or the current GoUppers Policies or Rules, or that may in any way be harmful or offensive to GoUppers or the community in general.5.9 GoUppers respects copyright legislation and expects its ANFITRIONS and USERS to act in the same way. If you believe that any content on the GoUppers website infringes the copyrights you hold, notify us in accordance with our Copyright Policy.6. Service fees6.1 GoUppers may charge fees to the ANFITRIONS and / or the USERS, in exchange for the use of GoUppers products and / or services. The rates are available on the web section rates.6.2 All Service Rates that are applicable (including the corresponding Taxes) will be shown to the HOST and / or HOSTS. GoUppers reserves the right to change the Service Rates at any time, and we will send the corresponding notification to the HOSTS, CLIENTS AND / OR USERS regarding any rate change before they take effect.6.3 Our HOSTS and GUESTS are responsible for pay each and every one of the Service Fees that you have contracted and that you owe to GoUppers, the Service Fees that are applicable are due, are payable and are charged by GoUppers in accordance with the Payment Terms. The Service Rates effectively provided by GoUppers are not refundable.7. Specific terms for Hosts7.1 Terms applicable to all Ads7.1.1 When creating an Announcement through the GoUppers Platform you must (i) provide complete and accurate information about your Host Service (such as the advertisement description, location and the availability of dates), (ii) reveal any deficiencies, restrictions (such as house rules) and requirements that may be relevant (such as a minimum age, skills or physical requirements for an Experience) and (iii) provide any other relevant information that GoUppers requests. You are responsible for keeping your Ad information up-to-date at all times (including the availability of dates) .7.1.2 You are solely responsible for setting a price (including Taxes, if applicable) in your Ad ("Ad Rate") ). Once a Guest requests a reservation of his Advertisement, he can not demand that the Guest pay a higher price than in the booking request.7.1.3 The terms and conditions included in his Advertisement, particularly in relation to cancellations, do not must conflict with these Terms or with the cancellation policy that you have selected for your Ad.7.1.4 The images, animations or videos (collectively, the "Images") used in your Ads must accurately reflect the quality and condition of your Host Services. GoUppers reserves the right to require that Ads have a minimum number of images of a certain format, size and resolution.7.1.5 The placement and classification of Ads in search results within the GoUppers Platform may vary and depends on various factors, such as search parameters and Guest preferences, Host requirements, price and availability of dates, number and quality of Images, history of customer service and cancellations, Comments and Evaluations, type of Host Service and / or reservation facility .7.1.6 When you accept or have previously approved a booking request from a Guest, you will be entering into a legally binding contract with and last, which requires you to provide your Host Service (s) to the Guest as described in your Ad once the reservation request is completed. You also agree to pay the corresponding Host Fee and applicable Taxes, which will be charged in accordance with the Payment Terms.7.1.7 GoUppers recommends that Hosts take out adequate insurance for their Host Services. Carefully review the corresponding insurance policy, and be sure to know and understand any exception and reduction that may apply to said insurance policy, including, without limitation, the fact that it covers or does not cover the actions or inactions of Guests ( and the natural persons for whom the Guest has booked, if applicable) during the stay in their Accommodation or participation in their Experience, Event or other Host Service.7.2 Advertised accommodations7.2.1 You may only advertise one Accommodation per Ad.7.2. 2 If you decide to demand a bond for your Accommodation, you must indicate it in your Advertisement ("Deposit"). It is forbidden for Hosts to request a Security Deposit after the reservation has been confirmed or outside the GoUppers Platform. GoUppers will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to requests and claims from Hosts related to Bail Bonds, but GoUppers is not responsible for administering or accepting any claim by Hosts related to Security Bonds.7.2.3 You declare and guarantees that any Ad that publishes and the reservation of an Accommodation or the stay of a Guest in it (i) will not breach any contract that you have subscribed with a third party, such as the co-ownership regulation, the community of owners, condominiums or others agreements, and (ii) will comply with all applicable laws (such as urban planning), tax requirements and other rules and regulations (including having all necessary permits, licenses and records). As Host, you are responsible for your own acts and omissions and also for the acts and omissions of any person who resides or is present at the Accommodation at your request or at your invitation, excluding the Guest (and the persons that the Guest invites to Accommodation, if applicable) .7.3 Experiences, events and other announced Host Services7.3.1 To announce an Experience, event or other Host Service, you must create an Announcement and send the Experience, event or Host Service to GoUppers. To be considered for publication in the GoUppers Platform, Experiences, Events and other Host Services must comply at all times with the quality levels of the Experiences and meet the demand of the Guest. GoUppers reserves the right to decide, in its sole discretion, whether an Experience, event or other Host Service that has been submitted will be published or not published on the GoUppers Platform.7.3.2 When announcing an Experience, Event or other Host Service. must instruct and fully inform Guests, when appropriate, about (i) any inherent risk to the Experience, event or other Host Service, (ii) any requirement for participation, such as minimum age, related skills, status level physical and other requirements, and (iii) any other element that they may need to know to safely participate in the Experience, the Event or another Host Service (including clothing, equipment, special certificates or licenses, etc.). 7.3.3 If you wish to announce an Experience on behalf of a non-profit organization ("Social Impact Experience"), you must meet the eligibility requirements. When you announce a Social Impact Experience, you (i) declare and warrant that you are duly authorized to act on behalf of your nonprofit organization and (ii) acknowledge and agree that all payments will go to an account of which it is owner a non-profit organization. You and your Non-Profit Organizations recognize that announcing a Social Impact Experience does not create any commercial or participant financing relationship, nor any relationship of charitable organization with GoUppers, and that this is not a professional fundraiser or business partner. . Non-profit organizations, and not GoUppers, will be responsible for determining what portion of their Ad Fee, if applicable, is a charitable contribution, as well as providing guests with beneficial invoices for tax purposes corresponding to any charitable contribution made. . You and your nonprofit Organization are solely responsible for compliance with all laws that are applicable to your organization and the Social Impact Experience that you propose.7.3.4 You represent and warrant that (i) you understand and comply with all laws , rules and regulations that may be of application for your Experience, event or other Host Service (s) and (ii) you will obtain as many licenses, permits or registrations as are necessary prior to the provision of the Experience, event or other Service (s) of host. You can consult additional information about some of the legal obligations that may apply to our pages of Being a responsible host.7.3.5 You must perform in person the experience, event or other Host Service, and you can not allow a third, carry out the provision of the Experience, event or other Host Service on your behalf, unless authorized by GoUppers.8. Specific Terms for Guests8.1 Terms applicable to all reservations8.1.1 Notwithstanding the fulfillment of the requirements established by the Host (such as completing any verification process), you can reserve an Announcement available on the GoUppers Platform following the corresponding reservation process. Before booking an Ad you will be presented with all applicable rates, including the Ad Rate, the Bond (if applicable), the Guest Fee and any applicable Taxes (hereinafter, collectively, the "Total Rates"). You agree to pay the Total Rates for the requested reservations in connection with your GoUppers Account.8.1.2 Upon receipt of a booking confirmation from GoUppers a legally binding contract is formed between you and your Host, subject to any terms and conditions additional of the Host that may be applicable, including in particular the corresponding cancellation policy and how many rules and restrictions are indicated in the Announcement. GoUppers will charge the Total Rates at the time of booking request or upon confirmation of the Host in accordance with the Payment Terms. 8.1.1 If you reserve a Host Service on behalf of additional guests, you will be required to ensure that each one of said additional guests complies with the requirements established by the Host and who is aware of and accepts these Terms, as well as the terms and conditions, rules and restrictions indicated by the Host. If you reserve for an additional guest who is a minor, you represent and warrant being legally authorized to act on behalf of the minor. Minors can only participate in an Experience, event or other Host Service if they are accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them.8.2 Reservation of accommodation8.2.1 You understand that a confirmed reservation of an Accommodation ("Accommodation Reservation") constitutes a limited authorization that the Host grants you to access, occupy and use the Accommodation for the period of your stay, during which time the Host (only to the extent that, and when, as permitted by applicable law) retains the right to access the Accommodation, in accordance with your Host contract.8.2.2 You agree to leave the Accommodation no later than the time of departure that the Host specified in the Advertisement or the time that the Host and you agree upon. If your stay extends beyond the agreed time of departure without the consent of the Host ("Excess of Stay"), you will no longer have authorization to stay in the Accommodation and the Host will have the right to force you to leave in a manner consistent with the applicable legislation. In addition, you agree to pay, if the Host so requires, for each twenty-four (24) hour period (or any portion thereof) that corresponds to an Excess of Stay for your part, an additional overnight rate of up to two (2 ) times the average of the Rate per Ad per night that you have paid initially, in order to alleviate the inconvenience suffered by the Host, plus all Guest Fees and the corresponding Taxes, as well as any legal expenses in which the Host has incurred to force him to leave (hereinafter, jointly, the "Rates for Excess of Stay"). Rates for Excess of Stay for late departure times on the same departure date and that do not affect future reservations may be limited to additional costs incurred by the Host as a result of such Excess of Stay. GoUppers will charge the Excess Stay Rates in accordance with the Payment Terms. In the event that the Host has requested it, the Bond may be applied to satisfy the Rates for Excess of Stay that are owed for the Excess of Stay of a Guest.8.3 Booking of Experiences, events and other Host Services8.3.1 You should review carefully the description of any Experience, event or other Host Service that you intend to reserve to ensure that (both you and any additional guests for whom you book) meets the requirements of minimum age, fitness, physical condition and other requirements that the Host has indicated in his Advertisement. You are obligated to inform the Host of any medical or physical problems and other circumstances that may affect your ability, or that of any additional guest, to participate safely in an Experience, event and other Host Services. In addition, certain laws will also apply, such as the minimum age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the place of the Experience, the event or another Host Service. You are responsible to find out, understand and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations for participation in an Experience, event and other Host Services.8.3.2 Before and during an Experience, event and other Services. Host, you must at all times respect the instructions of the Hosts.8.3.3 You can not bring any additional person to the Experience, the event and other Host Services, unless you have added that person as an additional guest during the process of reservation in the GoUppers.9 Platform. Modifications, cancellations and reimbursement of reservas.9.1 Our HOSTS are responsible for any changes made to a reservation through the leasing platforms or ordering made to GoUppers ("Modifications of Reservations"), and agree to pay the rates of managed services by GoUppers. 9.2 Our HOSTS, GUESTS and / or the USERS of their services of stay, can cancel at any time a confirmed reservation, subject to the cancellation policies of the respective platform, through which they agreed the service. In these cases of cancellation of reservation, may be by our HOST or the USER of services, our Host is obliged to pay GoUppers the services that we have provided on the date of cancellation, according to our PAYMENT POLICY .11.3 HOSTS AND / OR GUESTS agree to cooperate with GoUppers and assist in good faith, and provide this information and take steps that GoUppers request, within reason, in relation to any claims for damages and other complaints or claims made by the HOSTS. AND / OR GUESTS relating to Accommodations or any personal or other material property existing in the Accommodation. 12. Rounding, Conversion of currency12.1 GoUppers may, in its sole discretion, round up or down the amounts payable to or from the HOSTESSES or GUESTS to the nearest whole functional base unit depending on the currency (eg. ., to the dollar, to the euro to any other currency admitted closer); For example, GoUppers will round out an amount of $ 101.50 to $ 102.00, and $ 101.49 to $ 101.00. As for currencies that give rise to large numbers, GoUppers may determine the functional base unit in which those currencies are expressed so that they are 10, 100 or 1,000 of such currency; For example, GoUppers may round an amount from 1,045 to 1,050 and from 1,044 to 1,040, or from 837,500 to 838,000 and from 837,499 to 837,000.13. Taxes13.1 As ANFITRION, you are exclusively responsible for determining your obligations to declare, collect, remit or include VAT and other indirect taxes on sales, occupation tax, tourist tax or other visitor tax on your Ad Rates. or taxes on income that may be applicable.13.2 Tax regulations may require that we collect the proper tax information from our HOSTS, or that we withhold taxes from payments to our HOSTS, or both. If an ANFITRION does not provide us with the documentation that we deem sufficient to satisfy our obligation (if any) to withhold Tax from the payments made to it, we reserve the right to freeze all payments, to retain the amounts that are required by law , or to do both, until the issue is resolved.13.3 You understand that any agency, department and / or competent authority of the place where your Accommodation is located may demand the payment of Taxes to ANFITRION or GUESTS on the rates per ad, and that they are remitted to the corresponding Fiscal Authority. The laws may vary depending on the jurisdiction, but it is possible that these taxes must be collected and remitted as a percentage of the Rate per Ad established by the HOSTS, of fixed amount per day or other variants. 13.4 In certain jurisdictions, GoUppers may decide, in its sole discretion, to facilitate the collection and transfer of Occupancy Tax from or on behalf of HOSTS or GUESTS, in accordance with these Terms, if said tax jurisdiction asserts that GoUppers or the HOSTS. they have an obligation to collect and transfer said Taxes by Occupation. In any jurisdiction where we decide to facilitate the collection and transfer of taxes You, directly, hereby order and authorize GoUppers, to collect the Taxes for Occupation of the ANFITRION on behalf of the HOST at the time when the Rates are charged by advertisement, and to remit such Taxes by Occupation to the Tax Authority. The amount of the Taxes for Occupation, if any, collected and remitted by GoUppers will be visible and indicated separately to the HOSTESS and the GUESTS in their respective transaction documents. In the event that GoUppers facilitates the Collection and Transfer, the ANFITRIONS may not charge Taxes for Occupation that GoUppers is responsible for collecting in relation to their Accommodation in that jurisdiction.13.5 You accept that any claim or cause of action related to the facilitation by part of GoUppers of the Collection and Transfer of Taxes by Occupation, will not be extended to any supplier or vendor used by GoUppers in relation to the facilitation of Collection and Transfer, if any. The ANFITRION and the USERS accept that we may request additional amounts from you in the event that the Taxes collected or transferred are insufficient to fully discharge their obligations with the Tax Authority, and that their only legal remedy in the matter of taxes of occupation collected is that The competent Tax Authorities will reimburse the Taxes for Occupation charged by GoUppers in accordance with the applicable procedures available to such authorities.13.6 GoUppers reserves the right, upon notification to the ANFITRIONS, to cease Collection and Transfer in any jurisdiction for the reason whatsoever, at which time the HOSTS, GUESTS and USERS will be again exclusively responsible for the collection and / or transfer of any and all Occupancy Taxes that may be applicable to the Accommodation in that jurisdiction.14. Prohibited activities14.1 You are exclusively responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules, regulations and fiscal obligations that may apply to your use of the services provided by GoUppers. In relation to your use of the GoUppers platform, you will not proceed with the following actions or help or allow others to do so: • breach or circumvent any laws or regulations, contracts with third parties, rights of third parties or our Terms, Policies or Standards are applicable; • use the GoUppers Platform or its content for any commercial or other purpose that is not expressly contemplated in these Terms. • copy, store or otherwise access or use any information, including personal information about any other Host or Host, contained in the GoUppers Platform, in any way that is not in accordance with the GoUppers Privacy Policy or the present Terms or that in any way violates the privacy rights of HOSTS AND / OR GUESTS or of third parties; • use the GoUppers Platform in relation to the distribution of unwanted commercial messages ("spam"); • offer, as ANFITRION, any Accommodation that you do not own or over which you do not have permission to make it available as a residence or other property through the GoUppers platform; • unless GoUppers explicitly allows otherwise, book an Ad if you yourself are not going to make effective use of the ANFITRION Services; • use the GoUppers Platform to request, make or accept a reservation other than the GoUppers Platform, to circumvent any Service Fees or for any other reason; • request, accept or make any payment of Tariffs per ad outside the GoUppers platform. If you do so, you accept and agree that: (i) you will be in breach of these Terms; (ii) accepts all risks and liability for such payment and (iii) exempts GoUppers from any liability for such payment; • discriminate or harass people based on race, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical situation, marital status, age or sexual orientation, or otherwise adopt abusive or disruptive behavior ; • use, display, reflect or frame the GoUppers Platform or Content or any individual element of the GoUppers platform, the name of GoUppers, any GoUppers trademark, logo or other information subject to proprietary rights, or the design and layout of any page or form contained in a page of the GoUppers platform, without the express written consent of GoUppers; • tarnish, tarnish or otherwise damage the GoUppers brand in any way, including, but not limited to, the unauthorized use of Collective Content, the registration or use of GoUppers or terms derivatives in domain names, trade names, trademarks or other identifiers of origin, or the registration or use of domain names, trade names, trademarks or other identifiers of origin that closely mimic domains, trademarks, slogans, advertising campaigns, promotion or Collective Content of GoUppers, or that are so similar to them that they lead to confusion; • use robots, web spiders, web worms, web scrapers and other means or automatic processes to access, collect data and other content from, or interact in other ways with, the GoUppers Platform with any purpose; • avoid, obviate, remove, disable, prevent, decode or otherwise attempt to circumvent a technological measure implemented by GoUppers or any of the suppliers of GoUppers or other third parties in order to protect the GoUppers Platform; • try to decipher, decompile or disassemble software used to offer the GoUppers Platform or apply reverse engineering techniques to it; • adopt any action that adversely affects or adversely affects or adversely affects or adversely affects the performance or proper functioning of the GoUppers platform; • export, re-export, import or transfer the Application, except to the extent authorized by US laws and those of the jurisdiction that corresponds to it, and any other applicable legislation; or • infringing or violating the rights of any other person or harming any other person in any other way.14.2 You acknowledge that GoUppers has no obligation to monitor access or use of the GoUppers platform by any person or to review, disable access or modify any content, but you have the right to act in such a way in order to (i) operate, protect and improve the GoUppers Platform; (ii) ensure compliance by the HOSTS AND / OR GUESTS of these Terms; (iii) comply with current legislation or a judicial order or injunction or issued by law enforcement and other administrative agencies or governmental bodies; (iv) respond to content that determines to be harmful or offensive; or (v) subject to what is otherwise provided in these Terms. ANFITRIONS AND / OR GUESTS agree to cooperate and assist GoUppers in good faith, as well as provide you with information and take action that GoUppers may reasonably request with respect to any investigation that this or one of its representatives undertakes in connection with the use or abuse of the GoUppers platform.14.3 If you have the impression that someone you interact with, either online or in person, is acting or has acted inappropriately, such as someone (i) who adopts a offensive, violent or sexually inappropriate behavior, (ii) whoever suspects that you have been robbed, or (iii) adopts any other disruptive behavior, you must immediately report said person to the appropriate authorities and then to GoUppers, contacting us provided with the police station number and report (if applicable); provided that your notification does not force us to adopt measures beyond the requirements of the law (if applicable) or lead us to create any obligation for you.15. Period of validity and termination.15.1 This Contract will have a validity of 180 days, after which it will be renewed automatically and continuously for successive terms of 180 days until the moment in which you or GoUppers terminate the Contract in accordance with this provision. 15.2 You may terminate this Agreement at any time by sending us an email. 15.3 Without prejudice to our rights specified below, GoUppers may terminate this Agreement for convenience at any time with thirty (30) days' notice sent by email to your registered email address. 15.4 GoUppers may terminate this Agreement. , immediately and without prior notice, in the event that (i) you have substantially breached your obligations under these Terms, the Payment Terms, our Policies or Rules, (ii) you have violated any law, regulation or third-party rights that apply to you, or (iii) GoUppers believes in good faith that such action is reasonably necessary to protect the personal safety or property of GoUppers, your ANTIFITRIONS AND / OR GUESTS or third parties.15.5 In addition, GoUppers may adopt any of the following measures (i) to comply with the applicable legislation or with a court order or injunction, emi by law enforcement or other administrative agencies or a governmental body, or in the event that (ii) you have breached or violated these Terms, the Payment Terms, our Policies or No You have provided any inaccurate, fraudulent, obsolete or incomplete information during the registration of the GoUppers Account, the Ad process or subsequently, (vii) GoUppers estimates, any law, regulations or third party rights that apply to you; in good faith that such action is reasonably necessary to protect the personal safety or property of GoUppers, its HOSTS AND / OR USERS or third parties, or to prevent fraud and other unlawful activities: • denying the exhibition, deleting or delaying any Announcement, Evaluation, Comment and other Content; • cancel any pending or confirmed reservation; • limit your access or use of the GoUppers platform; • temporarily or permanently revoke any special status associated with your GoUppers Account; or • temporarily or, in case of serious or repeated non-compliance, permanently suspend your GoUppers Account. In the case of minor breaches, and when appropriate, GoUppers will inform you of any action taken and give you the opportunity to resolve the problem in a reasonably satisfactory manner for GoUppers.15.7 Upon termination of this Agreement, you will not be entitled to have your GoUppers Account or any item of your Content reinstated. If your access or use of the GoUppers platform has been limited or your GoUppers Account has been suspended or we have terminated this Agreement, you may not register a new GoUppers Account or access or use the GoUppers Platform through the GoUppers Account. another ANFITRION.16. Disclaimers If you choose to use the GoUppers Platform or the Collective Content, you will act voluntarily and at your own risk. The GoUppers Platform and the Collective Content are offered "as is", without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. You agree that you have provided the opportunity you deem necessary to be informed of GoUppers Services, legislation, rules or regulations. that may apply to your ANFITRION Ads and / or Services you receive and that is not based on any factual or legal statement made by GoUppers in relation to an Advertisement. If we decide to perform identity verification or background checks on any Member, to the extent permitted by applicable law, waives any warranties of any kind, express or implied, that such checks will eventually detect past inappropriate behavior by a Member or that a Member is guaranteed not to go adopt inappropriate behavior in the future. You agree that some Experiences, events and other HOST Services They can not carry an inherent risk, and by participating in those ANFITRION Services, you decide to voluntarily assume such risks. For example, it is possible that some ANFITRION Services carry the risk of illness, injury, disability or death, and you freely and voluntarily assume such risks when you decide to participate in such ANFITRION Services. You assume full responsibility for the choices you make before, during and after your participation in an ANFITRION Service. In the event that you bring a minor as an additional ANFITRION, you agree that you will assume sole responsibility for the supervision of said minor throughout the ANFITRION Service and to the maximum extent permitted by law agree to exonerate GoUppers from any liability and claim that may arise in any way as a result of injury, death, loss or damage to said minor during the Service of ANFITRION or related in any way to it. The previous disclaimers apply to the maximum extent allowed by legislation. Other regulatory rights may be available to you. However, the duration of the statutorily necessary guarantees, if any, will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.17. Liability17.1 Unless you reside in the EU, you acknowledge and agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, you will be responsible for the entire risk arising from your access to and use of the GoUppers platform and the Collective Content. , of its publication or reservation of any Announcement through the GoUppers platform, of its stay in an Accommodation, of the participation in an Experience or event or of the enjoyment of any ANFITRION Service or of any other interaction that it has with other HOSTS. AND / OR USERS, either in person or online. Neither GoUppers nor any other party involved in the creation, production or delivery of the GoUppers platform or the Collective Content will be liable for any compensation for incidental, special, exemplary or emergent damages, including profit ceases. loss, loss of data or loss of goodwill, interruption of service, computer damage or failure of the system or the cost of replacement products or services, or any compensation for damages due to personal or physical injury or emotional suffering that is derived from, or is related to, (i) the present Terms, (ii) the use of, or the impossibility to use, the GoUppers Platform or the Collective Content, (iii) any communications, interactions, meetings with other HOSTS. AND / OR USERS and others with whom you communicate, interact or meet as a result of your use of the GoUppers platform, or (iv) your publication or booking of an Advertisement, including the provision or enjoyment of ANFITRION Services of a Announcement, whether based on the guarantee, the contract, a civil offense (such as negligence), product liability or any other legal basis, and whether GoUppers has been informed of the possibility of such damages or not, even if it is concluded that any of the remedies contemplated herein has not achieved its fundamental purpose. Except for our obligations to pay the amounts to the corresponding HOSTS in accordance with these Terms, in no case shall the total liability of GoUppers be derived from, or be related to, these Terms and the use of the GoUppers platform, including, without limitation, its publication or reservation of any Advertisement through the GoUppers platform, or the use of, or impossibility to use, the GoUppers Platform or the Collective Content and in relation to any Accommodation, Experience, event and other Services of ANFITRION, or interactions with any other ANFITRIONS AND / OR ANFITRIONS, will exceed the amounts that you have paid or owed for reservations through the GoUppers platform as an ANFITRION, in the period of twelve (12) months prior to event that has caused the responsibility, or in case you are a HOST, the amounts that GoUppers has paid you in the period of twelve (12) months prior to the event that caused the liability, or the amount of one hundred US dollars (100 USD), if none of these payments had been made, as appropriate. The limitations of the compensations for damages previously stipulated are fundamental elements of the agreement between GoUppers and you. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.18. Indemnification You agree to exempt, defend (at the discretion of GoUppers), indemnify and discharge responsibility to GoUppers and its subsidiaries, as well as their managers, officers, employees and agents, against and against any claims, liabilities, damages and compensation. damages, losses and expenses, including, without limitation, the reasonable expenses of legal and accounting advice that arise from, or are in any way related to (i) your breach of these Terms or our Policies or Rules , (ii) the improper use on your part of the GoUppers platform or any GoUppers Services, (iii) the interaction on your part with any Member, your stay in an Accommodation, your participation in an Experience, event and other Services of ANFITRION , including, without limitation, any injuries, losses or compensation for damages (whether sanctions without purpose arcitoria, for direct, fortuitous, emergent or other damages) of any nature that arise in relation to, or as a result of, such interaction, stay, participation or enjoyment, (iv) the Collection and Transfer of Taxes by Occupation by of GoUppers or (v) your infringement of any laws, regulations or rights of third parties.19. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Agreement19.1 GoUppers is committed to participating in a consumer friendly dispute resolution process. To this end, these Terms provide for a two-part process for the persons subject to the application of Section 19.1: (1) an informal negotiation directly with the service team to the GoUppers HOST, and (2) a binding arbitration administered. • The arbitrators must be neutral and neither party may unilaterally select an arbitrator; • The arbitrators must disclose any bias, interest in the outcome of the arbitration or relationship with any of the parties; • The parties retain the right to file appeals in courts for minor cases, at their discretion; • A limit to the initial initiation fee for the consumer is set at USD 200. • The arbitrator can grant any recovery rso that the parties may have received through the courts to resolve the individual claim of the party.19.2 Resolution of disputes prior to arbitration and notification. Before initiating an arbitration, you and GoUppers agree that each will inform the other party about the dispute and will first attempt to negotiate an informal resolution to the matter. 19.3 Exceptions to the Arbitration Agreement. You and GoUppers accept each that the following claims are exceptions to the Arbitration Agreement and will be brought through a judicial proceeding before a competent court: (i) any claim related to an actual breach or threat thereof, with the appropriation undue or violation of copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patent rights and other intellectual property rights of one of the parties; (ii) any claim seeking to obtain precautionary measures based on urgent circumstances (such as an imminent danger or the commission of a crime, hacking, cyber attack) .19.4 Arbitrator's decision. The decision of the arbitrator shall include the resolutions and the essential conclusions on which the award has been based. The enforcement of the arbitration award may be brought before any competent court. The arbitrator may issue declaratory rulings or grant precautionary measures only on an individual basis and to the extent necessary to exercise the redress to which the plaintiff's individual claim qualifies.19.5 Absence of class actions or representative procedures. You and GOUPPERS acknowledge and agree that both waive the right to participate as a plaintiff or participant in a class action, collective arbitration, private suit or any other representative proceeding in respect of any of the Disputes. Furthermore, unless you and GOUPPERS otherwise agree in writing, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one claim submitted by a person nor may he otherwise preside over any form or class of representative procedure. If this paragraph is declared unenforceable with respect to any Dispute, the entire Arbitration Agreement shall be considered void with respect to such Dispute.19.6 Severability. Except as provided in Section 19.11, in the event that any part of this Arbitration Agreement is considered illegal or unenforceable, that provision shall be severed and the remainder of the Arbitration Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.19.7 Changes. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 3 ("Modification of these Terms"), in case GOUPPERS changes this Section 19 ("Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Agreement") after the date you last accepted Once these Terms (or accept any subsequent change to these Terms), you may refuse any change by sending us a written notice (including by email) within thirty (30) days from the date on which such change took effect, as indicated on the date of "Last update" located above or on the date of sending the email with which GOUPPERS has notified you of such change. By refusing any change, you agree that you will arbitrate any Dispute between you and GOUPPERS in accordance with the provisions of the "Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Agreement" section from the date you last accepted these Terms (or accepted any subsequent change to these Terms) .20. Observations The comments, comments and suggestions to improve the GOUPPERS Platform are welcome and we encourage you to send them to us ("Observations"). You can send us Observations by sending us an email, through the "Contact" section of the GoUppers platform or by other means of communication. Any type of Observations that you send us will be considered as non-confidential and without corresponding property rights. By sending us Remarks, you grant us a non-exclusive, international, royalty-free, irrevocable, sublicensable and perpetual license to use and publish those ideas and materials for any purpose, without compensation in your favor.21. General provisions21.1 Except for supplements that may be formed by additional terms and conditions, policies, guidelines or standards, these Terms constitute the entire Agreement between GOUPPERS and you in relation to the subject matter thereof, and supersede all and any Agreements or agreements, oral or written, between GOUPPERS and you in relation to the access and use of the GoUppers platform.21.2 There is no relationship of joint venture, cooperation, labor or agency between you and GOUPPERS as a result of this Agreement or your use of the GoUppers platform.21.3 These Terms do not confer or intend to confer any right or remedy in favor of any person outside the parties.21.4 If any of those present Terms are considered null or unenforceable, such provision will be eliminated and will not affect the validity and effect of the other provisions.21.5 The non-application by GOUPPERS of any right or provision of these Terms will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision to unless we acknowledge or accept it in writing. Except as expressly provided in these Terms, the exercise by any of the parties of any of the remedies contemplated in these Terms shall be without prejudice to other resources contemplated in these Terms or otherwise provided by law. 21.6 You may not assign, transfer or delegate this Contract or your rights and obligations under it without the prior written consent of GOUPPERS. GOUPPERS may assign, transfer or delegate this Contract and any rights and obligations under it, at its sole discretion, by giving notice 30 days in advance. Your right to terminate this Agreement at any time will not be affected.21.7 Unless otherwise indicated, any notice and other communications addressed to the ANTICIPATIONS AND / OR USER, necessary or permitted under this Agreement, will take place in writing. and will be delivered by GOUPPERS by email, by notification on the GOUPPERS Platform or by message (including SMS and WeChat). 21.8 If you have any questions about these Terms, you can send us an email. Terms of Service IF YOU RESIDE IN THE UNITED STATES, YOU MUST PAY THE FOLLOWING: SECTION 34 OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE INCLUDES A CLAUSE OF ARBITRATION AND A WAIVER TO INTERPOSE COLLECTIVE CLAIMS. THIS AFFECTS THE FORM IN WHICH THE CONFLICTS ARE RESOLVED WITH GoUppers. THROUGH ACCEPTANCE OF THE PRESENT CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THIS ARBITRAL PROVISION. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY, AS THEY CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR RIGHTS, RESOURCES AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. INCLUDE VARIOUS LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS, A CLAUSE THAT GOVERNS JURISDICTION AND COMPETITION






Among the subscribers namely, on the one hand, GoUppers, with web address https://GoUppers.com, a legally constituted company, who hereinafter referred to in this contract as GoUppers, subscribes to this SUPPLY CONTRACT FOR COMPLEMENTARY AND RELATED SERVICES WITH THE INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT OF SHORT AND LONG STAY RESERVATIONS.


• Client. Natural or legal person to which GoUppers provides complementary and related services with the integral management of short and long stay reservations.

Host, hostess. [person] Who has guests at home, especially when they are properly cared for and give them their attention. At GoUppers the hosts are our customers. Our offer of services is aimed at helping the hosts to become SUPER HOSTS and thus obtain profitability of their property (that receive more income for lodging).

• Listing. (listing) Property to be published or published on lease platforms for short or long stays.

• Check-in (register the entry). It is a process carried out in a hotel, airport or port, which consists of registering the arrival or arrival of a person, the person in charge of these processes is the receptionist; so usually the term "check in" is used to refer to the method by which a particular airline or hotel registers the arrival of a visitor.

• Check-out (Process of making the delivery of a room by a guest). It is a term that is usually used in the hotel sector to refer to the process by which, a particular person, after having been staying at a hotel, at the time of withdrawing from it, should go to the counter or reception of the establishment or venue to make the delivery of the room or property.

• Cleaning Service. PROFESSIONAL cleaning service in conditions and standards of HOTELERIA first category.

• Welcome Kits. Refers to the gift, or welcome gift to the guests at the time of check-in.

• Marketplaces. These are the platforms where the properties will be published (listings), including Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking, Home To Go and Trivago.

Host. Host (a) in English.

SuperHost. They are a group of hosts that serve as an example and inspiration to the rest of the members of the community for the extraordinary experiences they offer their guests. When a host reaches the SuperHost category, a badge is automatically displayed in their profile and ad to identify them. Super Host

Guest. Person who stays in a hotel or in another person's house, either as a guest or paying for it.

Guest. Guest in English

• Lockbox. Padlock system with internal reservoir, which is housed in the door lock, this opening system with electronic or mechanical key.

• Stay. Period of time in which a GUEST enjoys the use and temporary enjoyment of a property.


a) That this contract is signed and signed freely and spontaneously, that there is no injury or fraud, or any other vice of the will, or situation in general that could affect the validity of this contract; b) That the object of this contract is lawful; c) That the execution of this contract will take into account and abide by the terms, conditions, regulations and other policies and laws that are relevant to the activity contracted here, and that are mandatory in the different MARKETPLACE, cities, countries , areas, regions; d) that what is not defined in this contract should be consulted the terms and conditions and / or different regulations of the services provided by GoUppers; e) That it is your will to be bound in accordance with the following CLAUSES:

FIRST CLAUSE. - OBJECT. - GoUppers undertakes to provide the CLIENT with the complementary and related services with the integral management of short and long stay reservations.

SECOND CLAUSE. - DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. - Depending on the GoUppers Plan that the client acquires, these may include the following services: a). Administration, management, ad management and reservations services at MARKETPLACE. This group of services includes activities such as: Ad optimization, commercial management in social networks and other possible means, taking photographs, writing the ad, description of the property, advice to determine prices, rental conditions, cancellation policies for reservations , refunds for cancellation of reservations, security policies, establishment of deposits and / or insurance, synchronization of the calendars of the MARKETPLACE, management of the availability of the property. b) Guest Management Services. This group of services includes activities such as: communication with the guest to coordinate everything related to your reservation and your stay, check-in and check-out service, welcome kit, delivery and collection of keys, delivery and reception of the property with inventory verification, reception and management of guest experience comments. The WELCOME KIT of GoUppers are deposited in the property so that the guest can enjoy this upon arrival. The articles that make up the WELCOME KIT are chosen solely and exclusively by GoUppers and may be modified at any time without prior notice. ALL SERVICES PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED AND THAT GoUppers MAKES AVAILABLE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS, ARE AVAILABLE IN PACKAGES CALLED GoUppers PLANS. THE CUSTOMER DECIDES WHAT PLAN TO TAKE OR MAY CHOOSE TO TAKE OUR SERVICES INDIVIDUALLY, WHICH WE MAKE AVAILABLE UNDER THE DENOMINATION OF SERVICES TO THE LETTER. THIRD CLAUSE. - LICENSES AND ACCESS TO ACCOUNTS. GoUppers grants the CUSTOMER a non-exclusive, revocable, and non-perpetual license for the CLIENT to have access to any "Backend" support tool currently or in the future available by GoUppers. For its part, the CLIENT, is obliged to allow GoUppers to enter and use the user accounts that the CLIENT has open in the different MARKETPLACE, in the same way the CLIENT authorizes GoUppers to publish his (or her) properties in how many MARKETPLACE consider appropriate to do so, in order to obtain reserves for said properties. GoUppers agrees reciprocally to use the CUSTOMER's accounts solely and exclusively to represent the CUSTOMER in concluding any lease contract for short or long stay with a GUEST and to provide the services established in this contract. Likewise, GoUppers undertakes to give appropriate use of said accounts, respecting and abiding by the terms, conditions and regulations established by the MARKETPLACE.CLASS THIRD. ACCESS AND USE OF THE PROPERTY. - The CLIENT from the moment of registering the property and deliver it to GoUppers, is obliged to act in good faith and facilitate all the process, procedures and requests that GoUppers requires in order to execute the object of this contract. Likewise, the CLIENT undertakes not to hinder the provision of the services established in this document and / or contracted by it, in such virtue, it is obliged to allow GoUppers and the HUÉSPED access to the property provided that these two last comply with the provisions of this contract and any rules established for that purpose MARKETPLACE.CLÁUSULA THIRD CANCELLATION OF RESERVATIONS. The CLIENT may at any time request cancellation of a reservation, which must inform GoUppers by email. GoUppers will proceed to register said event in the respective MARKETPLACE, as long as it admits it. The cancellation of the reservation DOES NOT EXEMPT the CLIENT from the payment of the percentage corresponding to GoUppers for the reservation, which must be calculated according to the GoUppers Plan that the client has in force. The CLIENT undertakes to make said payment in accordance with the conditions of the clauses ___________ FOURTH CLAUSE. SCHEDULE ESTABLISHED TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES. - The parties agree on a schedule of service from Eight (7) to Twenty (21) hours. GoUppers will attend the requests of the CLIENTS and GUESTS in a term not exceeding 4 hours, counted from the time of receipt of the request. The requests must be made within the schedule established in this clause, otherwise the request will be answered the following day following the protocol established in this clause. In the event that the CLIENT requires or requests the delivery or collection of keys outside the established time, he is obliged to pay compensation of Fifteen Dollars or its equivalent in the local currency. FIFTH CLAUSE. VALUE OF THE CONTRACT: the CUSTOMER will pay GoUppers, for the provision of services agreed in this contract, the values ​​specified in the GoUppers Plan that it has decided to take. The descriptions of plans with their respective values ​​will be available on the GoUppers website (www.GoUpperss.com). The value of the plan will be determined by a percentage of the total value that our CUSTOMER receives for each stay of the property that the client has registered in any of the GoUppers PLANS. In the event that the CLIENT takes any individual service, of those that appear on the GoUppers website as A LA CARTA, the value of said service will be the one that is valid at the time of contracting it. SIXTH CLAUSE. WAY TO PAY. The CUSTOMER maximum 48 hours after CHEK IN of the Guest, will make the payment of the respective commission on the reservation, according to the GoUppers PLAN that is in force. After CHEK OUT, GoUppers will send the CLIENT the closing invoice, in which to describe the services rendered, the payments or payments made by the CLIENT, and the outstanding balances for services rendered during the stay, or any other value pending payment, which must be paid by the maximum customer at 48 hours after the sent of the invoice. The client has already irrevocably authorized to generate the corresponding charges for services provided by GoUppers, to the credit card registered in GoUppers. SEVENTH CLAUSE. NON-COMPLIANCE IN PAYMENT. The parties agree that according to what is agreed in this contract the payment will be made, according to what is set forth in SIXTH CLAUSE. WAY TO PAY. PARAGRAPH ONE. In case of default in payment, the CLIENT must recognize and pay to GoUppers default interest corresponding to the maximum legal rate, calculated from the day following the expiration of the term agreed for payment, until the date on which it becomes effective. said payment. The parties agree that if GoUppers sends by any electronic or physical means the invoice, within the established dates and according to the agreements for the collection of the service, but due to internal inconveniences of the CLIENT, the invoice is not processed for the payment. opportunely, the CUSTOMER accepts and will manage immediately the disbursement and payment of the same, without submitting GoUppers to the sending of a new invoice or that begins to count the days of term until their procedures are completed EIGHT. TAXES AND CHARGES. The services subject of this contract cause Value Added Tax (VAT), corresponding to 19, VAT must be canceled by the CUSTOMER, as well as any other tax that is caused on the occasion of the provision of the services of this contract and that will be in charge of the CUSTOMER. TENTH THIRD. - LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. The parties agree that GoUppers will not be responsible for: a) The fulfillment of any of the obligations deriving from the lease contract that the CLIENT celebrates with the GUEST through any of the MARKETPLACE; b) The ability or ability of the CLIENT to effectively lease the property through the MARKETPLACE; c) The legal status of the PROPERTY, including, but not limited to, the payment of taxes, duties or taxes for property taxes or payment for water service fees; d). Compliance with any law, regulation or obligation applicable to the PROPERTY including, but not limited to, federal, local laws or obligations imposed by a General Assembly of Owners or a similar or similar organization; e) The payment of any fine, sanction, prohibition, conventional or legal penalty, that the CLIENT must pay for breach of any law, regulation or obligation applicable to the PROPERTY including, but not limited to, federal, local laws or obligations imposed by a General Assembly of Owners or a similar or similar organization, or contracted with any of the MARKETPLACE; f) The payment of any damage that a GUEST causes to the PROPERTY during its STAY and; g) The payment of any stolen, lost, decomposed or materially damaged or destroyed furniture during the STAY. The parties agree that HOST will be responsible for getting GoUppers safe and secure, and even to pay reasonable legal fees in case GoUppers receives any complaint, claim, claim, judicial or extrajudicial interpellation related to any of the assumptions established in this clause. NINTH CLAUSE - TERMINATION. - The parties agree that GoUppers may terminate this contract, immediately and without need of a legal or administrative declaration to that effect, in case the CLIENT fails to comply with any of the provisions set out in this contract or in the terms and conditions established by GoUppers that are published on the WEB (www.GoUpperss.com) TENTH CLAUSE. CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Differences or disputes that arise in connection with the formulation, validity, execution, interpretation, termination or liquidation of this contract and the relationship that may arise between the parties, shall be resolved directly between the parties, by mutual agreement, within a term of ten (10) business days, counted from the date on which one of them communicates to the other the reason for the conflict or the controversy and calls it for its settlement. In the event that after this period has not reached agreement, any dispute arising between the parties in connection with the conclusion, interpretation, execution, termination or liquidation of the contract, will be subject to the decision of an arbitration tribunal, which It will be subject to the following rules: 1. The court shall consist of one (1) arbitrator, practicing lawyer; 2. The referee They will be appointed by mutual agreement by the parties and, in the absence of agreement, by the Arbitration and Conciliation Center, in accordance with its regulations; 3. The organization and functioning of the court shall be subject to the rules of the Arbitration and Conciliation Center in matters not foreseen by them, as provided in the Law; 4. The seat of the court shall be the city of ______ 5. The award shall be rendered in law and shall be final, unless the law provides otherwise. NINTH CLAUSE. DURATION. This contract is valid for one year, counted from the day ___ of ___ of 2.01_. SIXTH SIXTH CLAUSE. TERMINATION: In addition to the causes of the Act and the others established in the contract, it will be terminated by the following: 1. By mutual agreement. 2. By decision of competent authority. 3. Due to force majeure or fortuitous event, which prevents the continuation of the object of this contract. 4. For the complete execution of the obligations arising from this contract. 5. For the breach of any of the parties of the obligations assumed with the provisions of this contract. 6. Due to the expiration of the term established in this contract. 7. In any case, the parties may terminate the relationship arising between them by virtue of this contract, at any time provided that the other party is informed by written communication sent by registered mail with thirty (30) days of TENTH SEVENTH CLAUSE. NOTIFICATIONS: For all purposes of this contract, we have the city of ________ as the contractual address and all communications that cross between the parties in development thereof must be sent to the following addresses:

GoUppers: info@GoUpperss.com

THE CLIENT : ________